“Service with a Purpose”

My name is Andrew Turner and I am humbled to even be in a position to ask for your business. I live in Fredericksburg, VA with my gorgeous wife, Jessica and two children. I got my start in the trash industry in 2013 and within a matter of weeks my eyes were opened to power that a $100 Billion industry generates. It fascinated me and I fell in love with the idea of “what could be” if a business harnessed its power to help those in need in the community it served.

Mission Disposal Inc. has been a labor of love for five years and my family and I are believing that a season of harvest is right around the corner. I started Mission Disposal in 2015 as a junk hauling business that would help raise enough money to buy a small rear load trash truck and couple hundred trash carts.

Our external mission is to be an asset to our community but our internal mission as a business is to be debt free. This journey has been a challenging one but I have learned the importance of patience and perseverance. We could have taken a loan. We have had to turn down offers that would have funded our startup, but we knew that in order to be effective in our mission our business needed to be free of debt and any outside influence that may deter us from pursuing people over profit.

The past few years has been a season of waiting for our business and family, but there has been a divine shift. Just a few months ago, a door opened for us to partner with a commercial hauler to stat brokering commercial services for the greater Fredericksburg area and just a couple of weeks ago we secured a hauler for Northern Virginia. This has been a game changer for our business and opened an entirely new revenue stream that will propel us toward our ultimate goal of putting our own trucks in the neighborhoods of our community.

In many ways, our story is just beginning and we would be honored if you joined Mission Disposal Inc. in this journey. If you have a disposal need of any sort, we would be delighted to serve you.